września 27, 2016

Skopje (Скопје) / Macedonia (Македонија)

Skopje, Macedonia / July 2018

The city on two riversides. A simple muslim life with a wonderful old market, carpets and hats on the narrow streets on one bank of the Vardar river and a monumental project of Macedonia 2014 on the other one. One city - two diverse worlds, two disparate ways of thinking and life. Both arresting.

września 26, 2016

Around ohrid lake by bike / Macedonia (Македонија)

Ohrid Lake, Macedonia / July 2, 2016

It was two days trip by a non-gear bike rented from the hostel in Ohrid. I wanted to cross the border with Albania. First day from the North, the second day from the South. I (un)fortunatelly have to say that Albania still waits for me. I took a bike without any gears, with shaking and moving saddle. I don't need to add that I hadn't any tools, but I found some service station on the roadside. An old Muslim handyman helped me just for a smile and I could ride ahead. A perfect day, a perfect weather (extremly hot, about 40 degrees), a perfect red bike, perfect views. Everything was perfect just for the flat parts of the road, but the highest point I achieved was on 890 meters above sea level in Galichica National Park. There were parts where I had to push the bike, protecting my skin with a scarf and handmade gloves.

Ohrid Lake, Macedonia / July 2, 2016

Ohrid Lake, Macedonia / July 2, 2016

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