marca 05, 2017

Malik | the constant traveler | people on my way

Łódź / March 4, 2017

This time travel came to me. It came along as a wild rider literally with the wind in a damnedest long hair. Without any rush, any force or necessity. With a good will and a need of an extreme freedom. Charmful and seductive. Peculiar. With hard rocky image and the bright eyes. Malik constitutes the great metaphor of Travel. He typifies the Travel, actually. With this constant traveler appeared a grievous awareness that I don't have enough courage to live exactly the way I feel deeply inside.

marca 01, 2017

Słupsk, Polska (Poland)

Słupsk / August 12, 2015

Słupsk / August 12, 2015

Słupsk / August 12, 2015

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