sierpnia 07, 2017

Hossam | artist in exile | people on my way

Smiling and expressive. Many feelings bob up on his face during our short meeting. One moment cheerful and charming, then it turns into pensiveness and sadness. Sometimes I see him seductive, sometimes appears a baleful glint in his eye. There are many secrets inside. And an acute story behind as well. How to live in exile far away from heat, sun, own language, home? How to continue a good life from before the egyptian revolution? How to create new things after forteiture of thousands of megabites of materials? How to feel free in a country from where you have only one way out – to a dangerous motherland? How to trust in people after 10 days of torture? How to smile?

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  1. Może jakiś opis? Bo tak mamy tylko uśmiechniętego chłopaka z bujną czupryną. I wywaliłbym kilka zdjęć, zbyt podobne, a jedną do tego nieostre. Czasem mniej znaczy więcej.


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