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Brussels / June 10, 2017

Music, art, travels, nature and vege - that are few words I describe my French male soulmate with. When we met for the first time in Brussels, drinking hot Belgian chocolate I didn't realise that we were going to say cheers once again. But our understanding of human souls and desires keep us close even if we live on distance over 1200 km. Brussels - Łódź - Brussels. Our meetings have their own rhythm. Probably this is not a rhythm of his music, which is always somewhere around but never close enough to me. We missed his gigs in Poland, but thanks to that we could spend more time without any rush.
I don't need to talk with him every day, what's more, we can stay without any words for months, but when I think of him, there are always warm, caring feelings. He is just a mirror of me. I really appreciate our friendly relationship.

* This post has been written since June, but I still wasn't satisfied with pictures I took of him. Now I have finally chosen these five with hope of taking some more photos together one day. Would you like in Łódź again, Grégoire?

Brussels / June 10, 2017

Brussels / June 10, 2017

Brussels / June 10, 2017

Brussels / June 10, 2017

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